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Aside from base nutrients, there are supplements that have a well-established use:

  • Calcium/Magnesium supplements – if you’re growing in coco coir, or if using very soft water like reverse osmosis or distilled water, you’ll need to add extra Calcium and Magnesium to prevent deficiencies.

  • Silica supplement – if your plant is low on silica, it has weaker stems and is more susceptible to heat stress and other stress factors.

  • PK Boosters, Bulking Formulas, & Shooting Powders – a PK booster is perfect for the flowering stage to make up for what the plant has used up in the soil. These types of products often contain naturally occurring plant hormones to help stimulate flowering.

  • Humic and Fulvic Acid - are both essential for healthy plants. While fulvic acids are the carrier for nutrients, humic acids make those nutrients more readily available in the soil. They also work in tandem to increase water holding capacity and stimulate root and shoot growth.

  • Kelp - As it happens, seaweed is absolutely crammed with beneficial nutrients that your cannabis plants will happily utilize to achieve optimum health, size, and growth. Seaweed is available to growers in numerous forms.

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